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Cuba Holidays: The Perfect Resorts for Family Vacations

The Republic of Cuba is overlooked by many as a great holiday destination, and that is a big mistake! Stretching 766 miles, the relatively small island of Cuba is one of the most stunning places to visit in the world. With pristine white beaches, beautiful architecture and a culture drenched in Latin tradition, Cuba is without doubt one of the top places to consider for your next vacation.


Cuba holidays 2014 are simple yet intimate vacations that are perfect for adults and children of any age. With over 4000 keys and islets, it’s easy to find a peace and tranquil atmosphere in which to relax. Whether it be in the quaint town of Old Havana, or relaxing on the white sands of Cayo Coco, there is definitely something in Cuba for everyone!


The capital city of Cuba, Havana, has one of the most vibrant cultures in all of Latin America. Where glamour meets tradition, Havana boasts stunning architecture reminiscent of colonial times. For an experience of Cuban culture, be sure to visit Old Havana located on the Northwestern shore. This quaint town is enclosed by former city walls and consists of five main plazas which trap Havana into a little world of its own.(Image buy tadzyla)

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Havana The Perfect Resorts for Family Vacations

For architecture lovers, make sure to visit the stunning IglesiaCatedral de la Habana. This Baroque-Tuscan design lies in the heart of Roman Catholic Havana and is one of the city’s grandest buildings. Palacio del Segundo Coba, constructed in 1772, is a great example of Cuba’s rich heritage. Found in the Northwestern corner of Havana, this Baroque style building has played host to the Palace of the Senate, the National Academy of Arts and was even the headquarters of the Spanisn Vice-Governor in its early days.

Adventure lovers will be happy to hear that Cubans absolutely adore rock climbing! The limestone cliffs in the National Park offer a haven for adrenaline junkies looking for their next challenge. If that’s not your thing, then why not consider Salsa lessons? Havana bars and restaurants are often alive with Latin music, so make the most of your trip and learn how to move along to the rhythm!

Cayo Coco

For those looking for a haven in which to retreat, then look no further than Cayo Coco. This serene island in Central Cuba offers some of the most gorgeous beaches you could possibly imagine. Situated within Ciego de Avila Province, the relaxing atmosphere offers a welcome break from Havana’s more vibrant culture…so make the most of it!(Image by isabelle chauvel)

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Cayo Coco Havana The Perfect Resorts for Family Vacations


Varadero and Guardalavaca, two of the largest resort in the Caribbean, are more akin to your typical resort holiday. However, it will most definitely not be a similar experience! These areas is famous for scuba diving, so get out and experience some stunning coral reefs off the coastline. For those unafraid of vertigo, skydiving from the Centro Internacional de Paracaidismo in Varadero is something you must tick off! 35 seconds of free fall before landing safely onto the serene white beach is the thrill which cannot be compared with anything else. After a day of adventuring, you’ll have to relax! Visit the Palacio de la Rumba, Varadero’s most vibrant night out in order to let yourself go a little loose.


Cuba is one of the most visited Caribbean destinations nowadays and people across the globe make it a point to visit this world-class island. In addition, to having beautiful resorts and attractions, the climate is also perfect for those who want to achieve a beach vacation that is just one for the books.


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