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Considering an Outdoor Family Travel? Try Bahrain

It is said that planning an outdoor family vacation is the hardest task a traveler would ever face. However, this should never discourage you in planning one. This is because considering Bahrain for your next family vacation guarantees exemplary experience that every traveler dreams of. The favorable sunny weather and breath taking cool atmosphere are some of the features that make hundreds of tourists flock this amazing island every year to spend their winter breaks in this peaceful tourism hotspot. It is here where courtesy is well defined by the kind hearted nature of the locals who make life easier in this heavenly place. The island is endowed with numerous attraction sites that travelers of all ages will enjoy paying a visit. The destinations to visit are many, but there are some which are worth a visit. Check out!

Bahrain National Museum

This is considered to be the largest museum in Bahrain. Located near King Faisal way near Manama, this amazing place offers picturesque galleries and a collection of Bahrain’s ancient archeological artifacts that will blow your mind. Children will be taken through the three hall of the museum devoted to archeology and the ancient civilization of Dilmun and also be engaged in a number of activities that are not only amazing but also fascinating. This great site carries all the country’s history and all the ancient facts you need to know. The experience here is promising, make it your first stop while planning a visit to Bahrain.(image by Vijilesh CM).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Bahrain National Museu Outdoor Family Travel Try Bahrain

Bahrain City Center

It is located near Manama, and it is popularly known to be the largest combination of shopping and entertainment center in the country. If you want to spice up your family vacation with elegant shopping, this is the best place to be. In addition to its over 350 shops featuring high-end brands, the mall offers more than 50 cafes and restaurants decorated with numerous cinema halls and swimming pools. It is a place where children will be engaged in multiple activities from giant arcade rides to game simulators.

Adhari Park

This is one of the most visited destinations in the country which provides a complete leisure experience for the whole family and aims to become the number one family attraction in the region. The park is next to Adhari National Park and provides more than 40 exciting outdoor and indoor rides for people of all ages and exclusive entertainment that will grace your moments in this amazing park. This place is a worth a visit and be sure of immeasurable excitement.(image by Omer Ozgur).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Adhari Park Outdoor Family Travel Try Bahrain

The Souq

There is no visit to Bahrain would be completed without visiting this amazing place. It is a place where travelers of all ages will find pleasure due to its profusion of colors, sounds, and aromas. The central market provides modern facilities for trade, cloth of all colors, gold and jewellery as well as traditional array of spices and local produce. The place is welcoming with a display of brightly colored fruits and the scents of the herbs are always soothing. If you want to understand the culture of the people around this is the place to be.

The destinations to visit are countless but these places should never miss out in case you are considering a family vacation to Bahrain. Enjoy as you plan to visit one of the most desirable tourism hotspots in Asia!

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