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Consider for This Winter: Harbin Ice Festival, China

Harbin welcomes you to special winter experiences and guarantees you that you wont find them anywhere else in the planet, this has seen it being described as an ice and snow world that showcases ice lantern art fair, international snow sculpture and art expo, winter swimming, ice hotels, dog sledges as well as safari style Siberian tigers among other getaways that are available in Harbin.

Diverse activities

You can also opt to try out snowmobiling, skiing, ice skating and romantic sleigh ride alongside the country side. Harbin is also home to exclusive winter packages that will give you pampered tours in fluffy white forests as well as majestic mountains that you will get you snuggling, transportation facilities are luxuries and full of warmth so you shouldn’t hesitate to get to these places. For snowboarding and skiing lovers, Harbin ski resorts will see that you get the best of them all, Harbin environs have some of the best skiing and water sports areas in the world you can also match them with sceneries sight seeing as well as après ski activities.(image by m j c).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Diverse activities Harbin Ice Festival

Harbin Winter Tour Packages

When you get to Harbin, winter is more than just Christmas breaks, there are other celebrations like the Chinese Spring Festival and New Year Festival as well as the renowned Harbin International Ice Snow Festival that will see you forget your mother country due to the exceeding fun. The festivals run from December to late February. Harbin has some awesome winter tour packages that are quite affordable and realistic, fun is all what you should expect, these packages range from two to five days of unlimited adventures tours that you will definitely fall in love with.

Things to do during the Harbin Ice Festival

Get to the Central Street and have different Harbin foods that are a collection of foods from all over the world. Visit the Harbin historical sites and learn more of the Manch culture. You can also take tour family to watch polar animals in Polar land. If you love to get tipsy, Harbin ice bars will be a good place to do your thing, you can get them in the streets or in the famous Ice and Snow world. Ice sailing, dog sledging m playing ice slides or watching divers diving, swimming and fishing performances on Songhua River will definitely keep you entertained while in Harbin.

Siberian Tiger Park

You can also consider getting to the Siberian Tiger Park using a special car and spend the day feeding the tigers and lions with flying chicken or live cattle, you will be thrilled to see how they catch heir prey, the activity is ideal for both adults as well as children. The Ice and Snow world will also keep you entertained, people call it the wonderland, there are interesting winter activities and ice sculptures that are ideal for visitors, what’s exciting is that you can get to the wonderland at any time, night or day.(image by Bert van Dijk).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Siberian Tiger Park Harbin Ice Festival

Winter is the best time to visit Harbin though the temperatures can b extreme and get to -20 degrees Celsius. However you will definitely enjoy being in Harbin, late January to late February marks the peak of Harbin lifestyle. You can take your family with you; they will definitely love the experience.

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