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Chena River State Recreation Area, Alaska

Chena River State Recreation Area is a unique park that runs all seasons, it has lots of activities that you can do, activities for everybody, ranging from hiking or Rock climbing at the Granite Tors, better still you can harness a team of dogs and let them get you to a thrilling escape deep to the snowy horizon. There is also another great exciting activity, riding a four wheel on a forest trail.

Great campgrounds

The park camp grounds are massive and can actually accommodate all outdoor enthusiasts from those camping with deluxe recreational vehicles to simple tent campers. The grounds feature three fully developed campgrounds, you can choose from milepost 43 picnic area Red squirrel Campground and milepost 39 Tors Trail Campground and milepost 27 Rosehip Campground on Chena Hot springs road. There also numerous undeveloped areas that are along the river access roads and gravel bars.(image by Jesse and Kathy Clifton).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Great campgrounds Chena River State Recreation Area, Alaska

Class I and II rapids

Chena River has a clear flow that is ideal for canoeing and kayaking or fishing the abundant arctic grayling in the class I and II rapids. You can access the river from the many entry and exit points that are on Chena Hot Springs Road that’s parallel to the river. You can also consul he guides or trustworthy tourists on the most ideal entry points.


Spend the better part of the day dipping the hooks and fishing graylings, you will be pleased by the invigorating experience especially in the summer, there are also some additional three ponds that are well stocked, you can get them at mileposts 47.9, 45.5 and 30. The river however strictly operates on a catch and release basis but the fish caught in the ponds are free to keep.


Winter moths are full of happiness; there are some two major dog sled races that are held on the portions of the famous Chena Hot Springs Winter Trail. The recreational area has prominent winter trails that will give you ideal recreation experience, you can choose between the motorized or non motorized trail


The recreation area is home to variety of wildlife but the most common animal that you will definitely see is the moose that you can get it feeding near the bear ponds or the sloughs that are along the Chena hot springs road. If you are lucky enough, you will spot the grizzly black bears in the park. Alpine areas and along the river banks are the most ideal spots that you can spot the bears as they are fond of places with abundant vegetation.


The trail head at milepost 48.9 on Chena Hot Springs road is the best trail that will get you to some conspiqous granite outcrops that are near the Northern boundary recreation area. Look out for the Whitches Brooms and Broomrape along the trails, yellow and purple violets that are along the streams will definitely make you fall in love with the trail.(image by prpl_99).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Hiking Chena River State Recreation Area, Alaska

The park rests on 379 sq miles and is home to forests, alpine tundra and incredible rivers which you can actually spend some good times relax and rejuvenating during your vacation. Yearly the facility draws over 150,000 people and surely, they can’t be all wrong, this makes the park a must visit during your next vacation


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