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Carnival in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

If you really want to experience the true unique African flavor of Brazil Carnival tradition, then you really have to get to Salvador. The trios Electricos will treat you to fervent expressions of the Afro Brazilian dance, music and folklore which are performed on motorized floats that carry musicians as well as singers who are always more than willing to put everybody to the festival trance

Carnival Bahia

In terms of music, the great Carnival in Bahia is way far ahead of its counterparts as it produces Rio sounds that are equivalent to those of the Samba. Bahia today treats revelers to axe music which is basically a fusion of Brazilian pop and African pop which became popular in the 1980s; revelers will always dance to the tunes all night. The carnival, despite being sort of a street party is a highly organized event; there are numerous security agents so you don’t have to worry much as they do their task to ensure there is a smooth flow of all parades.(image by wanderlasss).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Carnival Bahia Carnival in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Heart of Carnival the Trio Electricos

2014 carnival is expected to commence on 28th February and the party is expected to continue till 4th march, however there are some carnivals which begin their party as early as December, this is however meant to give travelers and visitors just a sneak preview of the parties that are to follow. Most trios Electricos tend to take their live performances to various renowned street circuits that feature different musical themes that give revelers a choice. You can expect lots of top musicians and celebrated personalities who keep the more than 2 million crowds al entertained in the carnival trance. There are also some prominent American drummers who usually come to grace the occasion. Don’t be surprised to see crowds filling the streets in blocos from Friday; mostly they travel down to the three main circuits accompanied by the Trio Elcetricos.

The Carnival Circuits

The most renowned of all circuits is the Circuito Osmar also known as the Campo Grande which stretches about 6 km along some of the historical land marks in Avenida Sete de Setembro. The parades move through the square at Campo Grande to the bleachers that face Teatro Castro Alves. Another great circuit is the Circuito Dodo which stretches four kilometers along the magnificent beach front and is full of Blocos from the neighborhoods of Ondina to Barna. The last major circuit is the circutio Batatinha which features ober parties that move in percussion groups like those of the af\oxes and Olundom, they represent Candomble which I san African Brazilian religion.

Filhos de Gandhi

The most celebrated and most famous parade is the Filhos de Gandhi afoxes which also known as the Soons of Gandhi, the parade is exclusively meant for men. The parade comprises of dockyard workers who keep the aging tradition going, they are usually inspired by Mahtma Gandhi peaceful ideals.  The groups dress in traditional blue and white African attires. They have been rated high among the percussionists who usually parade at the carnivals of Salvador.(image by marcio meirelles).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Filhos de Gandhi Carnival in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Make sure you get to Brazil before the climax of these celebrations, prepare and learn in advance, you will definitely love the traditions showcases at the Carnivals in Bahia


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