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Best Fine Dining in Perth, Australia

A unique and pleasant culinary experience makes every vacation memorable and complete. Australia has one of the world’s most divine food and wine cultures. This is a culmination of skills, unique cooking styles, wine tasting and an impressive culinary tourism industry. Some of the culinary assets that put an Australian culinary experience on the world map are availability of fresh produce, sea food and international chefs punctuated in restaurants across the country. In the western Australian city of Perth dining remains a sensational experience. There is a wide variety of establishments and cultural restaurants serving Italian, Thai, Japanese and other cultural foods. Some of the renowned restaurants include;

1. Modo Mio Italian Restaurant

Modo Mio is the ultimate Italian dining out experience. The ambience is warm and very friendly yet very exotic. This world class restaurant makes its food on order and from fresh produce. The cuisine is authentic and made of traditional Italian recipes and classics handed down over the years. They also have a wide selection of quality wine served by glass or bottle. The restaurant is open at noon to 2.30 pm for lunch and at 6.00 pm for dinner. It is a little taste of Italian heaven right in Perth. Attendance is by reservation only.(Image by David McKelvey)

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  Modo Mio Italian Restaurant Best Fine Dining in Perth, Australia

2. Nobu Japanese Restaurant

Nobu is a world famous Japanese restaurant started by Robert de Niro and Chef NobuMatsuhisa. The restaurant is hosted in Crown Perth and is acclaimed for its combination of South American and Japanese flavors to create exquisite dishes. The interior is amazing, dotted with Japanese lanterns and the ambience is very relaxed. It features a sake bar as well as Teppanyaki on private tables. It is engaging as well as entertaining to watch the sushi being prepared and makes for an absolutely fantastic and satisfying culinary experience.

3. Bistro Guillame Perth

This restaurant is situated at the heart of Perth and offers the most popular French classics with a contemporary twist. The restaurant includes both indoor and outdoor dining options and takes full advantage of the warm climate to have an open space. It is convenient for both group and intimate dining. The range of cuisine includes a variety of course meals complemented with carefully chosen rare wines and amazing desserts. It is perfect as a regular dining out option. It opens at 5.30 till late on Monday to Wednesday and noon to late hours on the rest of the days. Reservations have to be made in advance.(Image by red-scooter)

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  Bistro Guillame Perth Best Fine Dining in Perth, Australia

These restaurants come highly recommended if one is seeking finesse and a memorable culinary experience. They are however, only a tip of the ice berg with regard to the many amenities and experiences that Perth has to offer. A warm climate, beautiful scenery, a beach side escape and amazing food are enough of a reason to pack up and head for a fine dining Perth vacation. The pristine bays serving fresh sea food and the award winning restaurants in this extra ordinary destination are bound to make the vacation of a lifetime.


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