The Best Camping Spots in New Zealand

When it comes to ranking the beautiful places in the world, New Zealand is bound to be listed up there. It has one of the most picturesque views, from the tallest mountains up until the greenest pastures. It is not any wonder why it has been chosen by Peter Jackson as his Middle-Earth; it is bountiful and looks like you can be transported to a world of your own. So it is not surprising to find out that people flock to the country just to hike and camp on their grounds. A torrent of them foregoing a hotel room reservation but instead opting to look for a car hire in New Zealand so they can drive from one campsite to another.

New Zealand is filled with wonderful places to visit and hang out. So to help you on this trip, we have listed down some of the best sites to go camping.

Blumine Island

It is mostly hill country and located in Queen Charlotte Sound. The place is run by the Department of Conservation, and for good reason, because it is just teeming with wildlife. Endangered kiwi, countless bird sightings, and various marine animals can be found here. Although you can camp here, the facilities available to guests may be limited; and fires are understandably prohibited at all times.

Horopito-Mangapura Landing

Once you reach this place, all that kayaking and mountain biking to traverse its trail will definitely be worth it. It is located in the Whanganui National Park. The landing itself is on the Whanganui River, and here you will find what they call the Bridge to Nowhere and a couple of abandoned farm houses. The bridge was built deep in the Mangapura gorge in 1917 so that the government can have access to land for the farmers.

Whanganui River, Whanganui National Park

Wairata Station

Another one of New Zealand’s beautiful reserves, the Wairata Station is home to various flora and fauna native to the country. It is situated at Waioeka Gorge near Opotiki and can be described as a hill country. They also offer forest tracks for those of you who would like to go exploring uphill. You can also access the Waioeka River where countless rainbow and cunning trout can be seen. This place is perfect for nature lovers who wants to be closer to mother earth!

Trounson Kauri Park

Another camping ground run by the Department of Conservation, Trounson Kauri Park is the perfect setting if you would like to experience a night walk among nature. It is home to some endangered species like the brown kiwi, kereru, and pekapeka. It will take you only 40 minutes to walk through Trounson Kauri Park, definitely ideal for evening strolls.

The next time you go to New Zealand, after you make that trip to Hobbiton you have always been planning, look for a car hire and take a road trip around the New Zealand. And then maybe, if you are feeling adventurous, set up camp in one of these beautiful locations.


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Images credit (under CCL) by order: feature, Whanganui National Park

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