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Become a Pilot and Travel the World

Everyone wanted to be a superhero at some point. Saving the world, beating the bad person, and most important of all, the ability to fly! Unfortunately, humans face an adversary called gravity, but rest assured you can still live out that dream of flying by becoming an airplane pilot. What does it take to see the world as a trained pilot? You’ll be surprised–the process is quite thorough.

If you’re willing to stick with it and find yourself passionately in love with the idea, pull up a chair and read this article.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Pilot?

Let’s do some math:

·  First of all, pilots typically have a bachelor’s degree in science and aviation. That’s four years.

·  Next is a nice little fork in the road for aspiring pilots, either the military or F.A.A training can easily consume eight years of your life.

·  After approximately 12 years you may have enough flight hours in your logbook to make a play at the big league airlines, if you want to go that route.

By the end of those 12 years, pilots’ heads are stuffed with information on aircraft systems, F.A.A procedures, and which way is up directions. This can be challenging or easy depending on whom you ask. Being a pilot mixes some of everything into a giant ball of information; hands on training with science, math, and mechanical work being the meat and potatoes of it all.(Image by Macomb Paynes)

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -training Become a Pilot and Travel the World

Even though pilots don’t bring their work home, that doesn’t mean that they are not held to a higher standard. You’ll find that the ability to focus and pay attention to detail can be the determining factor between a good career and a bad one.

Being a pilot requires a radically disciplined lifestyle.

·  Physical assessments are given every six months to make sure no health issues will cause problems down the line.

·  Alcohol and drug tests are randomly given for obvious reason.

·  Having too many traffic violations can also lead to disciplinary action because it’s seen as a sign of possible carelessness.

It’s demanding, but being in charge of so many lives more than justifies the hoops. It’s a humbling, yet inspiring experience that everyone will not be able to meet in their lives. You’ll definitely want to adhere to the rules and regulations because typically anytime a pilot ends up on a news segment it’s a negatively viewed incident.

At this point the cons might seem to outweigh the pros, but look at the pros and make the call:

·  Free travel to go and see the world

·  Six figure salaries

·  Nice retirement packages

·  Fun aviation gadgets and accessories

·  But most of all you’ll be doing what you love

A well-stocked pilot shop can offer additional items like GPS receivers, flight simulators, oxygen systems, and more. What aviation enthusiast wouldn’t drool at those kinds of perks? (Image by NATO Veterans)

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -flight simulators Become a Pilot and Travel the World

People say it’s best to start young and it’s partially true; however, if flying the open skies is what you want to do, what’s stopping you–at any age? Being a pilot is an incredible journey that can really propel you to that next level of happiness while traveling around the world.


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