Amazing Ideas for the Best Caribbean Retreat in Barbados

More and more these days, travelers understand the value of incorporating nature related activities, such as sunset watching, nature hiking, and scuba diving, into their holidays.  Sitting all day at your hotels, as fancy as it is, doesn’t cut it anymore.  Incorporating nature into any vacation can create unforgettable memories to take back home with you.   And among many possible destinations, Barbados offers exactly that. From walking and seeing the animals in a park to eating great food surrounded by great people one is sure to get the best Caribbean retreat ever at Barbados. That being said, here are some places and things to do that you should never miss while on Barbados holidays.

Scuba Diving in the Caribbean

There is endless beautiful marine life that exist in waters of Barbados. With over 200 wrecks in the water, in addition to multiple reefs barriers, corals and sponges, any sea lover will find this place an absolute paradise.  Expect to encounter hundreds of types of fish and of course, the ever-beloved sea turtles! (image by Greg).

Scuba Diving in the Caribbean

Snorkel at Little Bay

When it comes to having one-on-one time with nature, probably the best thing to do is to snorkel at the Little Bay. Located at the entrance of St. Lawrence Gap, you can easily walk in towards the beach as the tide is usually shallow. Since the water barely goes up to your knees you will be able to snorkel comfortably with the tropical fish that are found in abundance. Alternatively, you can also do some water sports such as kite surfing and kayaking. Sometimes, if you are lucky enough, you will be able to swim near sea turtles.
Oistins Fish Festival

This is one festival that brings everyone together while reggae music is being played in the background and side stalls are filled with fish. It is at the Oistins Fish Festival that you will have the opportunity of dancing and appeasing you appetite all in one go. Beverages are made available to wash down the fried fish and fish cakes offered as you are entertained by the various artists on the streets. The idea behind this festival is to honor the people engaged in the fishing industry which is a sun-kissed Caribbean retreat to all visitors.

Harrisons Cave

You may have seen so much beauty in Barbados, however you haven’t seen it all if you don’t visit the Harrison Caves. With its unusual stalagmites that have been beautiful crafted by the water corroding the rocks, you are sure to be thrilled and happy for a time well spent. Harrison Cave is simply breathtaking (image by Dave Gifford).

Harrisons Cave barbados

Mullins Bay

This is one of those places you go for a nice relaxing time in the sun. With fantastic lounge chairs and an evening band available for your comfort, there is nothing more you could possibly wish for then an evening in Mullins Bay. Top-notch service is given by extremely friendly yet professional staff. This is definitely one of the spots you will remember due to its private and stunning atmosphere. At Mullins Bay you are sure to have the time of your life.

If you go ahead and book for your reservations in advance, you will even better love your Barbados holidays. You wouldn’t want to go for your Caribbean retreat and find everything fully booked when you get there. Therefore, save yourself the heart ache and book now all that your heart desires for the perfect Barbados get-away now.


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Feature image by Paul Bence

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