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Alternative Accommodation for a Holiday with a Difference


For ages, Italy has ranked among the top holiday destination for most travelers, an unsurprising feat given the country’s renowned cuisine, rich past, breathtaking rural scenery and award winning wines. Those who have been to this bewitching country before, they always find it hard to resist its charms and find reasons to return year after year, unbeknownst to them, like many others, the old world charm of Italy has already cast a spell on them.

To get a true taste of the essence of Italy, travelers take to the countryside to explore the rustic villages, medieval towns and sprawling vineyards which are so synonymous with Italy. Staying in an old Italian farmhouse deep in the heartland of Italy gives you an exciting yet authentic experience of the rural Italian lifestyle. It is the perfect way to experience everything Italian, from rural lifestyle, art, and cuisine and explore the ancient villages, medieval cities and taste the famed wine as you visit the wineries. With so many ancient villages in Italy, there is always a chance to find the perfect old Italian farmhouse villa to enjoy your getaway in a relaxed environment. Take for example the pretty village of San Gamignano in Tuscany, Manarola in Cinque Terre region and Castelmezzano in the Lucanian Dolomites, to name but a few.(Image by Doorways)

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  ITALIAN FARMHOUSE VILLA ACCOMMODATION FOR A HOLIDAY WITH A DIFFERENCE


Morocco is fast becoming a hot touristic destination and aside from its natural attributes such as rugged Atlas ranges, golden desert dunes and splendid beaches, it is its people who being friendly and hospitable have also played a major role in its development.

The Berber people are intriguing and resilient; they have fought to the bone with the Romans, French and Arabs and have survived to tell the tale. As if that was not enough they have had to deal with the harsh desert climate inhabiting the unforgiving Sahara and the imposing Atlas ranges. With their battles and survival, they have a rich cultural heritage that is evident to date. From their cuisine, strong traditions and architecture it is no wonder that mingling with them leaves you enriched and thrilled with the experience.

Berber lodges give you an unforgettable experience, most of them situated in serene mountain areas with traditional Berber carpets and décor and they server local cuisine. Whether you want to splurge in luxury or experience the real life of this hardy culture Berber lodges will give you the perfect opportunity. Staying in a Berber lodge near Marrakech gives you an authentic cultural experience that will linger in your memory forever; from the exotic surrounding, interacting with the Berbers and tasting their spicy tagine and couscous, staying in a Berber lodge will be worthwhile.


The Algarve region in Portugal is the place for a quintessential beach holiday with its natural colors of rioting blues, reds and gold, it creates a picture perfect image that lasts a lifetime. With its stunning beaches backed by red cliffs, fantastic luxury hotels, ancient villages and world class golf, holidays have never been this perfect.(Image by lydianora)

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  BOUTIQUE FAMILY HOTEL IN ALGARVE ACCOMMODATION FOR A HOLIDAY WITH A DIFFERENCE

The mild climate, the beautiful seaside resorts and the super groomed golf courses make the Algarve a popular family holiday destination that has a bit of something for everyone. Albufeira is popular with families due to its stunning beaches and state of the art family friendly resorts lined along its incredible shore line. It is also a haven for water sports and family fun along its sun kissed beaches. There are luxurious boutique family friendly hotels in this holidaymaker’s paradise located in areas of breathtaking beauty overlooking the sea, where the family can relax after a day out exploring the beautiful coastline.

Sagres is also impressive in the sun-baked Algarve with its dramatic coastline and offers a more traditional experience. It is lesser developed with a national park and its shoreline is dotted with white washed houses, hill top villages and sleepy fishing towns. There are also elegant boutique family hotels in this impressive southern westerly point in Europe where families can enjoy the rugged shoreline and beaches in a more relaxed atmosphere. There is a lot to enjoy here during your boutique retreat such as exploring the Moorish architecture and a variety of water sports.

The beautiful town of Monchique offers an excellent graceful option for families who would rather avoid the crowded beach regions, with its pretty villages, hills and woodlands it a place of different experiences and state of the art boutique family retreats.


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