Africa’s Best Surf Spots

Whether on the east coast or the west coast, there are some countries in African that offer amazing surfing locations. Although not typically known for their surf spots, there exist several world-class surf destinations in Africa that are sure to quickly become some of your favorites.


The best place in Kenya to surf is Malindi Bay. There are many spots nearby that serve as great locations as well. Watamu Bay and Tana River Delta are also great spots to try out. Sometimes the swell can be strong and there are dangerous rocks along the coast, but the payoff is definitely worth the risk. The best times to check out this spot are during a full moon or spring tides.

There are many places in the region of Monrovia that are good for surfing, as well as some other spots located in the north. The coastline of Liberia is largely unexplored and has many beachbreaks that create waves with a variety of heights.


Being one of the most developed and stable country in Africa, Ghana also offers great destinations for surfing. With a 539 km coastline and a climate that remains very tropical, it is a perfect place to ride some waves. The beaches are usually not crowded and the only real cost you will incur is transportation, usually being difficult and expensive. For those who are planning to try different surfing spots around the coast, it will most likely be cheaper to buy a used car and sell it later through free classified sites.

It is the best solution to move around the country easily to reach any place you wish.

Reunion Island

Reunion Island

Reunion is a tropical island with some world famous reef breaks. One in particular is St. Leu, located on the southwest coast of the island. Avoid the east coast, which receives heavy rainfall and unfavorable waters, and enjoy the west coast, which receives less rainfall and, due to the lagoon, has the best locations for surfing. The best time to go to Reunion is during the winter – May through October. (Image by laazik)


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