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8 Things Must Take on Your Camping Retreat

It really fits bad when you have pitched your tent ready to camp only to realize you overlooked some necessity or just that you forgot something that you really need like clean water or a knife. This therefore calls for adequate preparation before one goes for a camping retreat. Whether you are to camp in South of Limpopo or in a national forest in USA, some things are vital and common to all campers. Here are ten things that you must take on your camp retreat. Make sure you cross check each one of them

Tent and size

A tent is the on the top list every campers need, but a tent is just not any tent, you need to carry the right sized tent to ensure that everything you have is secure and well catered for. If you will be backpacking round the world, a small tent is better as it will save on weight.(image by Freek van den Bergh).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Tent and size Things Must Take on Your Camping Retreat

Navigation aid

You really need a navigation aid such as a map, a compass or GPS, but you may leave it out if you are familiar with the area. If you will camp in back country or out in the wilderness you really need these aids, preferably all of them. You should also be conversant with them and at least be able to interpret them.

Camping Stove

a camping stove is definitely one of the top ten things you will need for camping. You can choose from single burner or multi burner canister stove or gas, solid fuel stoves or spirit burner stove, it’s very important to choose the right stove as well as the right fuel. Never rely on wood fuel as you may reach to find it rained and all the firewood available cant light. Gas canisters, despite being expensive and bulky are actually the best.

Camping Utensils Set

You will not only need utensils but a good set of them, you will have t choose from cast iron utensils, plastic utensils and ultra light utensils. The materials you will use purely depend on personal preference and choice but plastic utensils are ideal for a one day two day camping. Remember to include cups, corkscrew, plates, can openers, forks and spoons and most importantly a knife.


A good back pack is something you truly need for your camping, if the camp is not taking more than two weeks, quality does not really matter but if it’s more than two weeks what matters most is size and quality. The type of backpack is also important; those with external frames are usually the best as you can store your stuff or dirty laundry. If you will camp for more than 10 days your backpack would be an 80 or 100 liter backpack, lesser than 10 days require a 50 liter backpack.

Sleeping Bag & Pad

if you are really planning to camp in cold months, you will not enjoy camping without a sleeping bag. Choice of air bed or sleeping bag will really mean the difference between a good sleep and waking up with a sore back ache. The best sleeping bag however depends on what time of the year are you camping and for how long will you be camping. You can buy an all weather sleeping bag.(image by Rock/Creek).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Sleeping Bag Things Must Take on Your Camping Retreat


Very often people over look this vital asset, in any camp, you will need propane lantern, oil lamps, spotlights and flashlights and battery towered torches. Propane lights are the best for any camping.

Food & Water

Unless you are employing to test your survival skills, food and water are a must carry in any camping. For water 2 liters a day will do. You can have water purification tablets if where you will get there’s a lake or   stream.

Be on the safer side of camping, don’t leave out any of these essentials, your camping will be just smooth and a success no matter the number of days.


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