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7 Unique facts about Spain

Spain is famous for its Spanish language and for having a football club Real Madrid that is watched by millions of people around the world and the fact it produces the highest olive oil.  A part from that Spain has some unique facts that are unique and they are.

The quill pen

The beautiful quill pen that is used to sign unique documents originated from Spain about one thousand four hundred years ago.  The pen is most given pen present around the world.(image by George Redgrave).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - The quill pen Unique facts about Spain

Largest country in Europe.

Europe has some many countries but Spain is the largest one.  It is amazing to know that it is five times bigger than the United Kingdom.  It is said that Spain occupies eighty five percent of Iberian peninsular territory.

The sunny city.

The capital city of Spain is Madrid and is known to the sunniest city in Europe, and it is the greenest capital in Europe.  It enjoys more sunny days that any other city in the European continent.


Nudity is legal in Spain.If you come from a country where being nude in public is a taboo then you will be in for a cultural shock.  You will find a lot of nudity in the beaches across Spain and since Spain is the sunniest city most of the time, you will meet people walking in nudity.  In addition, Spain is the second most visited country in Europe apart from France and the nudity is the main reason for increased tourism in Spain.


When ordering food in Spain restrain from order amount that you will not finish.  Make sure you order a portion that you will be able to finish.  It is considered impolite to leave food in the plate and not finish it.  If you want to tip the waiter large tips are not allowed in Spain you can do your tipping with coins. Avoid giving your favorite waiter notes since it can land you and him to many problems.(image by Kevin Waldeck).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Food Unique facts about Spain


If you want to compliment your host, you have to accept a second serving of the food and finish it.  Remember it is impolite not to finish your food, make sure you do the second serving and the compliment your host on the delicious food.  If you will not be able to finish the second serving then do not give your compliments to your host, it will seem impolite.


Spain is famous for football but it has a unique bull fight sport which is the most controversial sport in spain.It is a blend of traditional, arts and history of spain.It is watched by many Spanish people.  The game keeps you entertained and learning much of the beautiful country.

These facts make Spain unique in every way.  It helps to identify the real Spain without and the beautiful culture that it has.  Many of these unique facts may seem unrealistic to some people but it is what makes Spain to have its unique standing in the world.


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