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7 Tips to Consider When Travelling to Argentina

Argentina is a country in South America with beautiful beaches, nightlife, and culture.  Before traveling to Argentina they are many things that you need to put into consideration and the most seven important tips to consider when traveling to Argentina are.


It is important when travelling to Argentina not to carry many large bills.  Always examine your bills before receiving and spending to check if it is counterfeit.  Handle the peso with care since the money is delicate and can tear and wear easily.  Find out the locations of the ATMs around the place you will be staying, the recommended credit cards to use are visa cards or master cards.  Credits cards are not used in many stores.  If you want to break of one hundred peso, visit the banks, restaurants, or grocery stores.(image by J M).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Money consider when travelling to Argentina


Transportation is something to consider before traveling to Argentina since it will help you move from point a to point b.  The many means of transportation include the subways, buses, taxis and car hires.Buses, subways and taxis are inexpensive while if you want to hire a car you have to book in advance.  Always have a map of the area you want to visit to avoid being taken in circles.  You can also walk.

Water and food.

It is advisable to take bottled water.  The stable food of Argentina is beef and any kind of food that you order will have beef on it.  For vegetarians and those who love vegetables it will be hard to find the ones you want in Argentina.  Each and everything have cheese.


Study the weather pattern before doing your packing and starting your trip.  The weather can be so cold and so hot, carry the mixture of clothes for different weathers.

Cultural insights

During the holiday seasons, most of the stores are closed.  The people of Argentina like traveling to the coastal side to enjoy their holidays.  The cheek kiss is a famous form of greeting which simply implies touching the cheeks.  Waving is considered rude, and life in Argentina is slow and relaxed.(image by Magerson Bilibio).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Cultural insights consider when travelling to Argentina


It is advisable to be discrete with electronics and cameras, avoid going to down town areas and always travel in-group to avoid being mugged.  Check the nearest police station in the area you will be staying and the emergency numbers.Don’t wears your expensive jewels in the streets and be ware of pickpockets.


Argentina has good free public health centers if case you fall sick you can visit one of them. Always carry our updated travel medical insurance and checks if your insurance is acceptable in the private hospitals.If possible have your medical history with you before traveling.

Argentina is a Spanish speaking country although English is also spoken.  It is important to know some Spanish to be able to express yourself well.  Carry your map everywhere you go and during the holiday periods book your beach hotels in advance to avoid being disappointed.


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