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7 Great Facts About Laos

If you are considering visiting Laos, here are some good information that you should read and know before you get your feet on this serene land, you will also have an easy time making plans and preparations of traveling.


The formal name of Laos is Lao PDR (People’ Democratic Party). It’s governed by a president who is the head of state while the prime minister serves as the head of government.

The people of Laos speak several languages besides the official Lao language; there are those who speak Chinese, French, English and Vietnamese amongst other ethnic languages.


The population is estimated to be approximately 6.9 million people who live on 236,800 square kilometers. That’s a population density of 27 people per square kilometer. Their currency is called Lao Kip also known as LAK and in terms of term Laos is +7 GMT.(image by globetrottergirls)

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The area experiences a tropical monsoon type of climate with rainy seasons commencing from May to early November, dry seasons occupy the other months. In terms of topography, Laos can be described as a country made of mountains, plateaus and plains; almost half of the country is covered by forests.


In terms of communication, the country code is +856 and the mobile phone is unanimously the most used gadget for communication. At least you should expect to find international roaming mobile phones evenly spread throughout the country, it’s however very core to check with the service provider as not all international mobile phone companies have a roaming agreement with Laos service providers. Prices are relative; you can expect to spend four to six thousand Kip per hour.


In terms of internet, the internet cafes seem to be the dominant providers and are mostly found in major towns as well as places frequented by tourists. Most of these internet cafes have Wi-Fi, ADSL and broad band connections, especially those located in major towns such as LuangPrabang and Vientiane. They also happen to charger four thousand to six thousand Kip per hour.


Laos is located in the very heart of South East Asia and is encompassed by the likes of Thailand, Burma, China and Vietnam. It’s however a land locked country; this implies it has no direct link to the sea. This however doesn’t mean that you can have a problem accessing Laos; it has some of the world best and top developed transport network and can be accessed by road or by air.


You definitely have every reason to get to Laos; this is especially for those who want to explore the beauty of nature at its best. There are unlimited attractions that you must get to, its however important to note that not all these places are accessible via public transport so you might be required to arrange your own private means of transport.(image by Ben Smethers)

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Laos is a nice place to visit when you are on vacation; the people are very hospitable and welcoming. You can consider visiting Laos with your family or kids it’s however advisable you make advance bookings as most tourist places flock up very fast in the peak seasons.


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