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6 Top Beaches in Turkey for a Great Summer Holiday

There are many destinations some of which are famous and popular that not visiting them would almost be considered a crime and turkey, known for its breathtaking beaches is one of them. For many visitors, a holiday is not complete without dipping in the ocean and a Turkish holiday is guaranteed to give you this and much more. Here are the 6 beaches that will make your holiday with not doubt unbelievable.

Patara in Fethiye

Though it is usually crowds at the entrance, the beach is never crowded because obviously the 15 km fine white sand stretch is more than enough for everyone. And therefore, you can enjoy some quality intimate time in Patara. The beach is ever lively and you can take a swim or, if you are quite sporty mood, you can surf as there are wonderful waves during the summer time. An interesting fact about Patara is that it is believed to be the birthplace of Santa Claus! How cool!(Image by saybey141266)

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  Patara in Fethiye Beaches in Turkey for a Great Summer Holiday

Olimpos in Antalya

While on the beach or in the water, you can view the lovely rugged rocks and streams running down. Most people come to the beach during the day. The activities you can engage in are kayaking, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, and mountain biking. The greatest irony of the place is that you can use internet on a tree top and as for money, bring enough cash with you as there are very limited sources of withdrawing funds from your bank account.

Sarigermen in Dalaman

Being controlled by a local organization, the beach is in great condition and it’s not near the regions bursting with tourists so its visitors are not as many. There are numerous restaurants around for your enjoyment and while at the beach you can sunbathe, swim, or surf. Dalaman is accessible by air and Dalaman flights are affordable and can be book easily online.

Bodrum peninsula in Bodrum

Found on the turquoise cost, the beach is characterized by blue waters, Mediterranean flora and breathtaking mountain views as it’s a very ancient place. It’s a bit expensive compared to other places and has numerous resorts that offer all kinds of activities you desire.(Image by east med wanderer)

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  Bodrum peninsula Beaches in Turkey for a Great Summer Holiday

Iztuzu in Dalyan

Though you can still enjoy the beach on your own, Iztuzu is very suitable for family tours. Turtles also nest here and seeing turtle trucks along the sandy beach is a usual ordeal. Beyond the beach, there are wild creatures in the marshy region that you can enjoy seeing. The beach lies on a 13km strip so you can get away from the crowds any time you want. This beach offers the total package as it even has excursion boats.

Oludeniz in Dethiye

As you might have noticed, Turkish beaches are long sandy strips and this one is no exception. The strip here however advances to a beautiful blue lagoon. Oludeniz beach is the favorite of many photographers courtesy of its natural beauty. A great activity that you can engage in here is parasailing which allows you amazing aerial view.

That said, ensure you sample as much of the Turkish cuisine as you can. Most Turkish food has lots of spices and color and is thus very rich and it hardly disappoints. Sac Kavurma and Adana Kebab are among the few dishes that can kick start your holiday.


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