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6 Sexy Weekend Getaways in Europe

Cozy dining rooms, majestic cities and winding walkways are what give Europe a romantic appeal; however Europe has numerous couple friendly hotels that offer accommodations, dining and aesthetic activities that can really fit you as you who is looking for a sexy weekend getaway. Here are some greatest of all times modernized places that you can consider to go for a sexy weekend getaway in Europe.


Florence is tucked amid the Tuscany hills and boasts of having unique natural blending beauty which tempts couples to move in readily. You will get plenty for your eyes courtesy of the Uffizi galleries or you can just keep inside and relax on the picturesque Ponte Vecchio or you can wander in the lively Boboli Gardens which is serene and very couple friendly. Crown your day by going for a tantalizing meal before proceeding to the neatly and modern furbished rooms, start with a private shower before rolling on to your sexy escapade.(image by Rohan Travellin).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Florence Sexy Weekend Getaways in Europe


Paris is best known as the city of love and over the years it has been categorized among the most romantic places on earth. In Paris, you can take your amour to stroll along the banks of River Seine, take tours in the iconic museums and crown it all by dining in the elegant French restaurants. You can also get to the Eiffel Towers where you can get more enchanted especially at the flickering of the night fall.


Santorini is just a great picturesque place you will definitely love to get some incredible sexy photos with your loved one in this getaway. You can spend the better part of the day lounging on Santorinis red beaches while you take some high quality wines grown from the islands vineyards. The Oia’s is an incredible sunset that will crown your day as you take some great snapshots, you will definitely fall in love with this great Island.


Crete is an island that’s located in Greek and is a perfect definition of paradise; Crete will offer you a spectrum of experiences raging from leisurely to outdoorsy. Customize you night by relaxing as you take some scrumptious meals at a local tradition tavern before heading to relax in the cozy and well furnished hotel rooms.


Venice is a pure maze of villas and cobblestones which float on the beautiful crystal clear sea waters. You can get to its scenic canals which can be easily traversed by boat. The city itself understands its romantic charms and for that it charges steep prices for gondola rides and rooms.(image by Cuba Gallery).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Venice Sexy Weekend Getaways in Europe


If you are looking for a sexy getaway over the weekend, Vienna is the place to go; its narrow streets that lead to the Baroque Palaces of this great European city are just more than seductive. You can canoodle as you stroll past the Schonbrunn Palace or as you wander in or out of the nice street side shops. Accommodation options are also in plenty and you have got nothing to worry about.

Europe is definitely the right place for you who is looking for a sexy weekend escapade, you will have great choices that are quite romantic and ideal for mature couples that you can choose from.


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