5 Unusual Things to Do On Your Visit to Thailand

Are you soon to visit the beautiful country of Thailand in the continent of Asia? If you fancy trying something new on your holiday, consider exploring what this picturesque destination has to offer from the local’s point of view. There are numerous tourist attractions to tempt you (the Temples, the beaches, the food markets…) but why not consider these 5 unusual activities in Thailand instead?

Let the locals teach you how to cook

There’s nothing quite like experiencing the tastes of a different culture, and Thai cuisine is certainly something to savour. If you thought you knew the fragrant and spicy flavours of Thai food from your local Thai restaurant, think again. As soon as you sample the real Thai cooking you’ll wish you could make it yourself at home. That’s where a cookery class comes in. It’s possible to book lessons from local people who will show you how to cook real Thai dishes from scratch. An unusual, fun and educational way to spend an afternoon. Plus, of course you get to try out the results at the end of the session.

Have dinner with a Thai family

Another way to experience real Thai cooking is to take a seat at dinner with a local family. Yes, it’s possible to skip a restaurant dinner and be catered for by a generous Thai host instead. Thai people are very welcoming and many would love the opportunity to share their delicacies and present you with recipes that have been passed down for generations (image by Marshall Astor).

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Go to a Lanna Lantern making workshop

There are many celebrations throughout the year in Thailand. In Northern Thailand, Lanna is the culture which celebrates most vibrantly come holiday and festival times as well as for birthdays and the opening of new businesses. Why not try making your own Lanna lanterns (used as part of the celebration décor) as you are directed by an English-speaking local on how to produce them from Bamboo and then decorate in the traditional manner.

Try your hand at Fruit and Vegetable Carving

Another interesting Thai custom is fruit and vegetable carving, a nice way to add drama and intrigue to many a dish. You can find fruit and veg carving lessons from local chefs, if you don’t get the hang of it yourself it’s fascinating just watching the experts at work. How do they make something so intricate look so easy? (image by Jon Spence)

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Camp out with an Akha tribe

For another side of Thai culture, head across the glorious hillsides and find the captivating villages which are home to the Akha people. These authentic communities are a place of real spirituality and beauty and there are many places where you are welcome to stop overnight and experience their traditional outdoor living. Book a spot at a private campsite in their settlements, where you can have an Akha breakfast and enjoy Akha activities during the day. Sit around the campfire and soak up an ancient way of living that is still so normal for these people.


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