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5 Tips to Consider When Traveling to Mexico

Mexico’s incredible weather, welcoming culture and rich delicious foods definitely make it to be one of the favorite tourist destinations all year round. Recently, there has however been a rampant increase in crime in this state but the good things are not all places that are affected. It’s therefore good to equip yourself with some important tips when considering traveling to Mexico in order to keep safe. Check them out.

Choose the areas to visit carefully

It’s in the lime light that there are some areas of Mexico which are increasingly becoming harbors of crimes, it’s very important to avoid such areas at all costs. The northern states that are along the U.S and Mexico border are worse hit and are a danger zone for travelers. You can try messages some local tippers before you buy the tickets, this way you will have the required information on which places are important to visit. Us department website will also give you some official warnings of palaces you should avoid, residents too will be handy.

Fly to your destination.

It was a routine for many to drive down from the U.S to Mexico but nowadays that’s a dangerous affair. The northern regions have become very dangerous and we can’t advise anybody to take that route no matter the cost. We therefore recommend you opt for the safest means of transport in these areas, travel by plane; you will surely arrive peacefully with no hustles.(image by Juergen Lehle)

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Tips to Consider When Traveling to Mexico fly to destination

Stick to traveling on toll roads.

Mexico is on of the few states which boast of having some excellent rod systems which offer numerous advantages for driving travelers. Toll roads happen to be better maintained than those which are toll free. The toll charges also cover some road side assistance as well as a limited insurance for any damage that can be caused by the road. You can opt for first class buses such as ETN if you are traveling by bus as they generally ply on safer roads and primarily stick on toll roads. Though the prices might be higher, they are not astronomical and are surely worth the added safety.

Avoid traveling at night.

If you are traveling on your own means of transport like a car, avoid traveling after darkness, this is mostly a matter to be seriously taken into consideration if you are traveling on a toll free road. Highway bandits are less common in these roads and avoiding traveling at night is a sure way to avoid the risk involved.(image by Jose Maria Noriega)

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Learn key safety phrases.

Despite the fact that most of the Mexicans know how to speak in English, especially in most travel destinations, it’s wise to equip yourself with several key phrases. These should primarily e safety phrases that you can use to raise alarm in case of emergency, danger or another thing that requires help. You can also ensure you have the ambulance and police numbers with you at all times.

You should however not fear traveling to Mexico, equipped with these tips, you are good to go.


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