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5 Things to Expect When Arriving to Morocco

Every tourists has something he or she expects especially when visiting a foreign country, Morocco is no exceptional. In Morocco, your favorite word that you will get accustomed to is “Bab” as you will surely get lost somewhere. Equip yourself with a compass, mark the land marks and use your GPS wisely. Bab asks if it’s a door or gate as in all directions you will need to access places using either. Besides that, here are the things you should expect when you arrive in Morocco.

Mint tea

The traditional mint tea of Morocco will definitely be your first thing you will encounter with on arrival. The tea serves as the hallmark of Moroccans hospitality. You will definitely fall in love with it, don be surprised to drink five pots a day.(image by MsAnthea).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Mint tea Expect When Arriving to Morocco


Definitely you have heard them and you are actually dying to try some, Hammam in Morocco are public bath houses which offer a great and incredible way to relax. You will get some Hammam’s almost on every street corner in Morocco, you can squeak clean anytime after gallivanting on the dirty streets of the country. Expect Savon Noir to scrub you, this is a great black exfoliating soap; you will also get the Ghassoul which is a form of natural clay only found in the Atlas Mountains. Argan Oil massage will further be waiting to help you complete your Hammam in style. Argan Oil is a kind of a drug that has unlimited uses.


If you want to be part of Morocco lifestyle or better still if you want to get rid of the engaging locals, get to the souks and purchase some jellaba. This is a kind of traditional garment that reaches the ankle and is worn by both genders. It’s characterized by silk buttons and pointing hood that come in variety of colors as well as material. You can also get a Hijab too which is some sort of scarf that’s used to cover the head and the face at times. You can request an older woman to tie you the hijab or even the seller. Jellaba and Hijabs are a must encounter right from the moment you set foot on Morocco soil.


If you are lucky and get to Morocco on a Friday, don’t hesitate, indulge yourself in the Couscous. Couscous is also available even in ordinary times but if you want to make it exceptional and unique then reserve a dinner on Friday and raid on the Couscous. Its best served in a family style orientation. You can also try it with some chicken or lamb meat. Vegetarians can also have it their own way. Couscous is best if shared with close friends and pals that you will make when you get to Morocco.(image by Amal Morse).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Couscous Expect When Arriving to Morocco


Tajin is a famous Morocco stew that you will definitely come across the moment you set foot in Morocco. The food is cooked in conical earthen pots, the most popular tajines are those of lemon or chicken, tajinees can be served with eggs, kefta and lamb prunes

Morocco is a nice country that will let you experience the best of the African Continent .make sure you get there the next time you will be on vacation.

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