5 Things You Must Do in New York

A trip to the city that’s full of entertainment, media and fashion is bound to be extremely enthralling. Bubbling with irrepressible energy, New York City offers you the best of experiences in uncountable ways. There is so much to explore, that you possibly can’t do everything on just a tour. However, if you have no plans to settle down in NYC, we assume you hopefully have ample time to at least indulge in these five activities because you just can’t miss them!

1.Helicopter tours

To see New York from a helicopter is an experience to remember and the fantasy of many! The magnificence of this city is best viewed from the top where you get a bird’s eye view of all the iconic places that make up the iconic status of the city. From the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building to Ellis and Governor Islands, there is nothing you will miss. Skip the crowded roads and hop on to the chopper that will fly you through the blue skies of New York while you capture all the details of this incredible city on your cam!

2.The Central Park

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This has to be on your checklist and there is no way you are doing the rounds of this on foot either. Rent a bicycle, preferably in the early hours of the morning. You could go on this tour all alone or be a part of the expedition where you will get to meet new people. Whatever you choose, don’t miss out on the stunning sights you see along the way, including sailboats at the Conservatory Water, the Belvedere Castle, the Bow Bridge and the Alice in Wonderland statue.

3.Film Forum

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New Yorkers love films and if you belong to the same category, this place is a must visit. The movies you will get to watch at Film Forum are not your regular Hollywood movies. They play documentaries and movies that are curated from the world’s best film festivals. It is time for you to grab some snacks and bring out the theatre lover in you.

4.Grand Central Terminal

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The moment you step in, you will be stunned by the interiors that boast of impeccable detailing skills of the architects from the past. The majestic ceiling mural can be admired for hours on end. Go on and explore the secret passageways to get a view of the concourse. You can spend a whole day in this place that is more than a hundred years old without getting bored.

5.American Museum of Natural History

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For those who love science and history, this place will spell heaven for you. Being the largest natural history museum in the world, the American Museum of Natural History has a whopping forty five exhibition halls housing a thirty million artefacts of terrestrial and marine origin.

Well, there is so much to do in NYC that it is hard to narrow it down to just five things to do. The place will make you fall in love with it sooner than you can imagine and leave you wanting for more!


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