5 Things to Consider Before Traveling with Smartphones

If you’re planning to go traveling with your smartphone you need to consider few things to make your journey worry free. Here are 5 major things you should keep ready and up to date before going to picnic or any travel. You essentially need to consider extra stuff such as amusing apps and maps, rechargeable SIM card for data, reliable protective covers to deal with weather and breaks. At last but not the least, you should have to include your phone in your travel insurance policy.

Rechargeable SIM card

When you’re travelling, make sure that your data plan will cost you a luck. Most people, and mainly travelers, try to stay away from highly costly international data rates. All you need to do is turning off 3G and inactivate the notifications from services, unless you are certain that you have caught a good data deal. If you’re travelling in diverse range of countries, you should consider to get an international SIM with repeatable sites such as recharge.com. You can rely on a local hotspot network or get a data SIM of that particular country you wish to stay in. You can ask your guide to suggest you some top patterns of the country, so that, you become able to get better rates. Whatsoever you want to do, I would highly recommend you to search out for the best of all deals.

Get extra battery bank

Before going outside on a travel, make sure that you have an extra battery bank. It will save you from great frustrations and hassle that can ruin the charm of your journey. And If we consider Murphy’s law, it will happen in the most uncomfortable time where you mostly need you phone.

Obtain reliable protective cover (weather and breaks)

You should have extra reliable protective cover in case of any breaks and weather spells. Thrilling temperature change can affect your smartphones because condensation may occur inside. In the same extreme low temperatures can threaten your battery. So to avoid such hacks, you need to protect your smartphone with a protective casing.

Download important Apps

Second thing you should have is already downloaded important Apps for travel that guide you about location (GPS) or other important places to need or wish to visit. There are a wide range of such Apps available for smartphones. You should go for the ones that guide you about the maps etc. in advance without accessing the data. I preferably use Google maps for this purpose.

Include your phone in your travel insurance policy

During your travel, you might go such places that are known for crimes and theft. Whatever the area is, a traveler can be more prone to theft. To keep yourself safe from such scenarios, you should include your phone in your travel insurance policy. You should avoid logging in sensitive accounts when you’re using a public Wi-Fi connection. In the same way, make sure that you should have “backup” cheap phone before leaving or just get a cheap used one while on the road.

In short, smartphones are the best invention of 21st century. You can have your wide range of dealings using the one. In the same way your bookings, accommodation, tours etc. all can be done on your smartphones in best ever ways, no matter wherever you go or wherever you are!


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