5 Reasons Why River Cruises Are The Best Choice For A Vacation

There’s no doubt that river cruising has seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years, not only with older couples but also singletons and groups of friends alike. In fact, most river cruise companies offer discounts to groups who book together!

No matter who you’re travelling with, or what type of cruise you’re thinking of going on, getting the right information about your water holiday is essential before booking. So to help you with your decision, here are 5 of the top reasons why river cruise are the best choice for a vacation!

Wide Selection of Itineraries

One of the best things about a river cruise is the wide selection of places you can visit whilst on board. From Paris to China, river cruises operate all over the world, and in many cases they’re better than ocean cruises as they can access inland water routes. This means you’ll be able to get closer to the cities you love without having to change boats or even depart; river cruise ships are literally floating hotels!

On-Board Luxury

If there’s one thing that makes river cruises stand out against traditional holidays, it’s the scope of luxury on board. No matter the price of your cabin, modern ships are full of amenities, including libraries, fitness centres, deck space for yoga, coffee bars and even pool and spas.

Culinary Experience

culinary experience with beer

When it comes to on-board dining, there are plenty of surprises in store with river cruises. From gourmet meals to local delicacies, much of your cruise cuisine will focus on the destinations you’re visiting. Not only are all of your meals included in the price of your cruise, but there’s a great choice of complimentary beverages too, including branded beers, wines and spirits. ( Image by BrooklynBrewery )


Just because river cruise ships are smaller than ocean an liner, that doesn’t mean there won’t be entertainment on board; in fact, there’s plenty to keep your attention! Just like the cuisine, the entertainment on river cruises will be tailored to your destination, offering interactive shows much like ocean cruises but just on a smaller scale. Furthermore, some of your entertainment will be on land too, meaning you’ll get to experience traditional dance, music and culture.


passengers on board cruise ships

Finally, because of the reduced number of passengers on board cruise ships, it’s a lot easier to explore your surroundings and make new friends. Whether you’re enjoying food in the restaurant, getting a treatment in the spa or simply relaxing in the library, there’s a sense of community on a river cruise – something that you won’t find on an ocean cruise. ( Image by Chris&Steve )

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