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5 Must See Attractions in Romania

Beautiful as is, Romania is located at central and south Eastern Europe intersection and is considered as the 8th largest country in the European Union. In terms of tourism, Romania boasts of having an array of attractions that range from historical landmarks like old forts and castles, fantastic roads, beautiful beaches and mountains, nice roads among others. Here are some of the greatest and must see attraction in Romania, you will definitely love the experience.

The Peles Castle

The castle is one of the most impressive and important landmark in Romania, it represents an original place that was meant for relaxation as well as leisure but it was specifically preserved for the countries monarchs. The castle was sketched and built in 1914 and is a mere 27 miles away from the great gorgeous city of Brasov. Tourists are now allowed to get to and admire the sheer luxury of the architectural masterpiece which features a number of lavish rooms with theaters rooms, living rooms and council rooms being the prime of them all. The most impressive room is definitely the Imperial Bedroom which features exquisite decorations that showcase Romania at its best.(image by racer06).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - The Peles Castle See Attractions in Romania

The Turda Salt Mine

Salt mine of Turda dates to over 13 million years ago and weighs 38 million tones.  The salt can today be found at Dugau-ValeaSarata area of Turda. Tourists are allowed to access and nter the mines as they admire the great exquisite beauty of the center. Highlights of the center includes the Rudolf mine,  the Ghezila room and the Altar room. Terezie mine is 367 feet tall.

The Sphinx of Bucegi

The great Bucegi Sphinx is found on the great Bucegi Mountains that tower at an awesome altitude of 7,270 feet above the sea level. The naming was after the Egyptian Sphinx which resembles a human head. You can access the place using cable cars at Busten Babele or get to the Babel Caban which will give you some of the best picturesque views of the Bucegi Sphinx. You will also get fantastic accommodation options at the Caban.

The People’s Palace in Bucharest

The people’s palace is also referred to as the palace of the Parliament and happens to be the second largest administrative building ever constructed after the great Pentagon. The building is 2% larger if juxtaposed with the pyramids of Keops. The palace features 1000 rooms, 30 salons, 4 restaurants, 2 underground parking lots, 440 offices and 3 libraries among others. Tourists are allowed to access and visit the palace daily between 10 am and 4 pm but you will have to part with some $4.4.(image by Paul Beattie).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - The People's Palace in Bucharest See Attractions in Romania

The Transfagarasan

The Transfagaran road happens to be the most spectacular road in the world and for this reason it’s a must see. The road measure 93 miles in length an actually took four years to construct. Get there and drive on it.

Romania is a must visit, you will definitely love to identify yourself with these and other places. Travel with your family as well to Romania. They will definitely love the treat.


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