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5 Amazing Family Adventure in Zambia

When thinking about a summer vacation for your family, Africa offer one of the best attractions and options to each member of your family.   Africa is home to some of the most beautiful terrain and wildlife in the world, and with Zambia being the in heart of this exquisite continent, you can have an experience unlike any other. Bring your family here to enjoy the vacation of a lifetime when they get involved with the amazing African nature such as touring across the Zambian safari and learn about real African culture.  Here are some of the great family adventures available for your family.

Elephant Rides through the Bush

An absolutely fantastic and relaxing way to see the African bush is by riding atop the back of the largest land walking mammal known to man. There are a variety of different elephant herds that are used to take you and your family along ancient game trails through breathtaking riverine scenery and other wilderness areas.(Image by angelarichardson37)

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Elephant Rides Amazing Family Adventure in Zambia

These elephant rides usually last roughly around an hour but you can have closer to three hours’ worth of interaction between yourself and these amazingly intelligent animals. Trail guides are aimed at giving your family these closest possible experience to nature and to view a wide variety of animal life in the bush of Africa.

Zambian Safaris

Over 30% of the land in Zambia is dedicated to National Parks, so it is the perfect location to enjoy a safari trip with your family. It is also home to some of the best and largest game in the world. Safari trips through Zambia also offer your family a variety of different safari’s to participate in. Whether you would like to walk through some of the bush and view the plant and wild life at ground level, or if you’d like to enjoy a safari down the tranquil and mesmerizing Upper Zambezi there are plenty of ways to see the natural side of Africa.

Victoria Falls

There is no way to plan a trip to Africa without attempting to visit Victoria Falls. The beauty of this waterfall is inexpressible in words and beyond exhilarating in person. You can bungee jump off of the bridge or go on a jet boat or white water rafting trip at the bottom of the falls.(Image by Hannes Steyn)

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Victoria Falls Amazing Family Adventure in Zambia

Because of the popularity of Victoria Falls it is by far equipped with plenty of locations to book a room for the duration of your stay, whether it be a simple hotel room or a single, self-catering apartment.

Livingstone Museum

Visiting the Livingstone Museum with your family gives your children a fantastic idea about what is what life was like for David Livingstone, a missionary who did a massive amount of work in this region. He did an indescribable amount of work in the area to have slavery abolished and was highly loved for it.

Kalimba Reptile Park

The Kalimba Reptile Park in Lusaka, Zambia’s capitol city, not only gives you and your family a chance to see some of the best reptiles in the world more up close and personal, but where else will you get the chance to try a Crocodile Burger?(Image by Aaronius4)

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Kalimba Reptile Park Amazing Family Adventure in Zambia

So enjoy the amazing opportunity for your family holiday and remember to check out any recommended vaccinations prior of departing and a good travel insurance would is advisable as well.



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