5 Adventurous Tourist Attractions for Couples: Jackson Hole, Wyoming

If you’re planning a romantic vacation for two and are on the hunt for a destination which boasts a wide variety of adventurous activities, it’s well worth visiting Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Better yet, why not search for Jackson Hole vacation rentals, for a real bargain? To discover 5 must visit attractions, that are bound to appeal to thrill seeking couples, simply continue reading!

5 of Jackson Hole’s most exciting attractions:

Visit the Teton Raptor Center

If you or your partner are interested in getting up and close with a variety of birds of prey, it’s well worth adding a visit to the Teton Raptor Center to your travel itinerary. Where you can take a romantic selfie with a bird prey! If you book a one hour raptor encounter, you’ll get a rare opportunity to meet an American Bald Eagle as well as a variety of owls such and eagles. Examples of which include Eurasian Eagle-Owls, Great Horned Owls and Golden Eagles. If you’re keen, make sure to take plenty of photographs with your favorite birds of prey, to share with your eagle eyed family members and friends back home.

Conquer the Cowboy Coaster

What is the Cowboy Coaster, you may be asking? The Cowboy Coaster is a thriller ride, which propels tourists down 456 feet of rail, which winds its way down Snow King Mountain. If you’re interested in screaming your way down Snow King Mountain, you may be pleased to read that the average ride lasts 7-9 minutes, which includes the scenic ride to the top of the mountain.

What makes the Cowboy Coaster unique?

Whilst on most rides you simply sit back and enjoy the ride, on the Cowboy Coaster either you or your partner will be in charge of utilizing your cart’s hand brake. I f you’re a bit of an adrenalin junkie, you can choose to hurtle to the end of the track, without applying your hand brake often. Whilst if you’re after a more scenic, romantic ride, you can use your hand brakes to control your speed.

Learn how to shoot a rifle or a pistol at the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience

If you’re looking to engage in a bit of healthy competition, why not visit the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience? Not only will you be able to shoot clay pigeons but you can also purchase a package, which will allow you to shoot a variety of guns.

Examples of which include an AK-47, a fully automatic MP5 and a Beretta 92FS. For an adventure of a lifetime, you may be interested in booking a 2-4 day bespoke shooting adventure. Just ensure that both you and your partner are okay with getting a few holes in your clothing as the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience’s bespoke shooting adventures aren’t well suited to individuals who worry about breaking a finger nail.

Hit the slopes at the Snow King Mountain Resort

Whether you’ve been skiing or snow boarding for most of your life, or are a complete novice, if you visit Jackson Hole during winter, it’s well worth hitting the slopes at the Snow King Mountain Resort! Which boasts a staggering 32 runs and 400 acres of world class, ski terrain. If you’ve never skied or snow boarded before, don’t worry as Snow King Mountain Resort offers daily introductory lessons with highly experienced instructors.

Lastly, if you’re looking for the perfect way to end a romantic day on the slopes, make sure to grab a tube and slide down one of the mountain’s hills, with your beau in tow!

Soak in the Granite Hot Springs

Whether you’re planning a romantic ski centered getaway or a summer getaway, it’s well worth visiting the Granite Hot Springs. Granite Hot Springs boasts a spacious natural hot spring, that is ideal for soaking in after an action packed day of sightseeing as well as a man made pool. Better yet, the hot spring offers unbeatable views of the Gros Venture Mountains.

If you and your sweetheart pride yourselves on being adventurous, you can also arrange to visit the hot springs as part of a half day dog sledding tour or a thrilling snow mobile tour. If you’re sold on the idea of planning a romantic vacation for two to Jackson

Hole, it’s well worth visiting https://www.luxuryretreats.com/vacation-rentals/united-states/wyoming-jackson-hole/, for more information on booking a luxurious hideaway for two.

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