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4×4 Tours in Georgia (East Europe)

Few people actually know Georgia beyond Tbilisi, if you really want to explore Georgia and see the very best of what it has to offer why not try it on 4×4 tours. Here are some of great tours that you really ought to try out at the end of the day you will be a happy lot.


Get to sightsee great places in Tbilisi which is full of prime and very rich historical monuments, amo0ng them, get t Metkhi church that overlooks Mtwaki river, you can also get to the oldest famous fortification, the Narikalafortessssynagougue. Achiasskiati and Sioni Cathedral are also a must visit. The beauty is that these sites are in close proximal to each other as they are just walking distance apart. You can later visit the sulfur baths which will gibe you an unforgettable impression of Duma, Lermontov and Pushkin.(image by hedyelyakim).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  Tbilisi 4x4 Tours in Georgia

Akhalkalakivardizia and Akhaltsikhe

Get on to these places to see the great and world famous Paravani Lake. After that ensure you get to Vardzia caves that were used in the 12thcenturies, the caves have 19 tiers and stretch over half a kilometer along the MtkvariRiver. Initially there used to be over 3000 caves in these places. There are good restaurants that you can go for dinner as well as spending the night, the best among them being Akhaltsikhe B.L.D hotel.


Kartili happens to be the heartland of Georgia; it is a center that full of amazing culture and happens to be an economic zone of interest. Great destinations that you must get to are the kazbegi, Gori and Mtskheta among others.


Get to visit the gorgeous city of Rabat in Akhaltsikhe as you prepare to drive to the Imereti province in western Georgia. Here you will find spectacular cool springs, beautiful gardens, green fields as well as a pretty town. Visit the great Gelatic Cathedral that was built in the 12th century and has served as one of the earliest academies ever established in Europe. Today it’s a UNESCO world heritage. You can dine and sleep at some of the Family guesthouses in Kutaisi.(image by Mzuriana).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  Kutaisi 4x4 Tours in Georgia


Drive to the black sea coast and get to the fascinating town of Batumi, the town has a large port that makes it serve as a great commercial center. The town preserves its unique and original maritime image that will definitely welcome you to great cultures, nature and histories. There are also lovely botanical gardens that are believed to be connected to the Argonauts. Visit the Ethnographic Museum which showcases lots of artifacts that are related to this province. There are also numerous laces that you can opt to go for dinner and lodge too after spending some great day in Batumi.

Georgia is an incredible town that you must visit the people, the cultures, the medieval histories and many more fascinating things will definitely make you want to visit it again. There are also great ski walks that you can take your family too.

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