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4 Unique Dishes of Cambodia

Cambodia is squished between the culinary heavyweights of Vietnam and Thailand and is very often despised when it comes to food. However, once you have encountered the true Khmer cuisine, you will never turn back from it. Here are some of Cambodia’s best dishes.

Baisachchrouk: Pork and rice

Baisachchrouk comes as the first meal that you will definitely cherish, the meal is served all over cambodia street corners. Its mostly an early morning food. Locals believe that bo Baisachchrouk food is ever alike even if they were prepared by the same cook. Thin grilled pork grilled over warm coal is the highlight of this meal as it brings out its natural sweetness. The pork can be marienated with garlic or coconut milk. The pork is then served over some heraty delicious portions of broken rice which is flowered with fresh cucumbers, daikon radish as well as ginger. A bowl of chicken accompanied with scallions will also be served mostly alongside it.(image by Austin Bush).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Baisachchrouk Unique Dishes of Cambodia

Fish amok

Fish amok is primarily fish that’s whipped into a mousse which gives it a delcious an finger licking taste. Fish amok has risen to become one of the country most famous dishses though its also served in the neighbouring countries as well. A local herb, Slokngor is usually added to actually impart a bitter flavour that usually separates the cambodian version from other packs.  The dish is actually a fish mousse with some kroeung and cconut milk. You can also ask for a  khmer curry paste that’s largely made from chinese ginger, fingeroot, galangal, shallots, garlic, tumeric root and lemon grass. Fish amok can also be steamed with banaa leafs or be boied to make a fish curry like mousse.

Khmer red curry

Khmer red curry is an exceptional type of curry as it doesn’t primarily end as bursting flames in your mouth. Unlike other curries from Thailand, his curry l\is less spicy and is much similar to the coconut milk curries though it lacks that biting chili. The dish largely features Kroeung, lemon grass, fresh coconut milk, potatoes, green beans, eggplant, chicken or fish. The dish is considered to be special and is served in occasions like religious holidays, family gatherings, weddings or even Ancestor’s day which involves sharing the dish with the monks in honor of the departed loved ones. The dish can also be served with bread though this is considered to be more of French influence.(image by Misao Ono).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Khmer red curry Unique Dishes of Cambodia

Lap Khmer: Lime-marinated Khmer beef salad

Also known as lime marinated beef Khmer salad, this dish will definitely appease you with its ceviche style. The dish features some thinly cut beef that are cooked quickly by marinating them with some lime juice. Its best dressed with some green pepper, green beans, mint, Asian basil, fish sauce, some garlic, shallots and lemon grass.

Cambodian dishes prepared by excellent chefs will definitely increase your appetite. There are also good vegetarian friendly foods that one can try out especially those who don’t take animal protein. Its advisable to consult what the dish is made of as you can eat animal proteins which might later affect you as a vegetarian.

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